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Acne: Physical Procedures for treating acne

Acne Treatment - Surgical And Physical Procedures

Different surgical and physical procedures are used to treat acne. Normally these procedures are used when it looks difficult to treat acne only with medication. The common procedures are given below.

Surgical Drainage And Extraction-

This procedure is performed on cystic acne that is filled with sebum, pus, dead skin cells and body fluids. In this procedure the cyst is cut and drained. This not only reduces the pain due to the cyst but also cures it faster.

Whiteheads and blackheads are extracted surgically. This extraction needs skill otherwise the pores may become large. If sterile tools are not used, the extraction may cause infection. If you extract a comedone yourself, be gentle and remove them with sterile tools.

Physical Procedures-

Chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, light and laser therapy are physical procedures used to treat acne.

Chemical Peeling:

This treatment is used to treat acne in the beginning stages. Chemicals are used to peel away the skin. Normally the peel is done with a mild solution of Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid breaks the bond between the dead skin cells and fresh skin and removes the top layer of dead skin cells. This reduces whiteheads and blackheads.


In microdermabrasion, very tiny particles are thrown on the skin at high speed to remove the dead layer of skin cells and loosen the whiteheads and blackheads. This procedure should not be used on inflamed acne.

Light and heat

Blue light is commonly used to treat acne. It kills the bacteria P.acnes and reduces inflammation. Green-yellow light and heat energy are used in combination to kill the bacteria and shrink the sebaceous glands.


Different types of lasers are now used to treat acne. Laser is not a popular therapy for acne as yet and is still under testing.

Article created on: June 16, 2006

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Acne & Sunshine

Despite the belief that acne gets cleared by sunshine, there is no scientific evidence to this. Excess sun can damage your skin rather than treating acne.

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