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Atopic Dermatitis: Look & Location

Look & Location Of Atopic Dermatitis

The Look Of Skin With Atopic Dermatitis:
Atopic dermatitis looks different in every individual. In majority of cases, the skin looks red, dry and itches very much. In few people, atopic dermatitis oozes. The itch makes the sufferer scratch and that creates more problems such as infections, etc. With repetitive scratching, the skin may become thick. The main treatment of atopic dermatitis is therefore proper diagnosis, stopping the flare-ups by identifying the triggers and keeping itch away by moisturizing and using medicines.

The Location Of Atopic Dermatitis:
Infants suffer atopic dermatitis on most of the body, though it often begins from the cheeks. With different age groups, the location of atopic dermatitis may vary and follow a pattern. You can expect atopic dermatitis on any part of the body, mainly cheeks, forehead, legs, scalp, forearms, neck, knees and ankles.

Article created on: June 21, 2006

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