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Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Common Allergens

Common Allergens

Common allergens include nickel, poison ivy, some makeup preparations, latex, hair dye, antibiotics such as neomycin, etc. You may find out if you are allergic to any substance with a patch test. By applying the suspected allergen to a small spot for few days and watching the reaction of the skin will indicate the allergy causing potential of that material. Your doctor will guide you more about how to conduct this test. Some examples are - a jewelery piece containing nickel, nickel straps, latex gloves, reaction to permanent hair dye, reaction to topical antibiotic such as neomycin, etc. If the allergy arises, after the skin that had come in contact with the allergen is exposed to sunlight, it is called photo allergy. In this case, the other contact sites will not develop allergy, but only those parts that get exposed to sunlight.

Article created on: June 23, 2006

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