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Allergic Contact Dermatitis: How Is It Caused?

How Is Allergic Contact Dermatitis Caused?

When our skin comes in contact with an allergic substance, it reacts and causes dermatitis. The contact time may be short, because the dermatitis does not depend on the contact time but on the allergy causing ability of the substance in you. All of us have different reactions to different materials and this is largely genetically determined. Normally the initial contact does not cause allergy. You may come in contact with a substance many times in a few years. After that you may develop allergy to it. It is all individual and no common guidelines can be given for that.

The Clinical Look:
The allergy may not be only confined to the place of contact. If you handle a material with your hands and then touch your eyelids, your eyelids will also develop allergic reaction. Unless the dermatitis is severe, it is confined to the area of contact. The skin may become red, itchy and blistered. With repeated allergic reactions, skin deteriorates further and becomes thick and cracked.

Article created on: June 23, 2006

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