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Acid Mantle Of The Skin: What is pH?

What is pH?

pH is measure of acidity or alkalinity of any product. Water is neutral and has a pH of 7. Acids have pH below 7 and alkalis have pH greater than 7 up to 14. The pH of any product will be between 1 and 14. If it is acidic, its pH will be less than 7. If it is basic/alkaline, its pH will be between 7 and 14. The lower the pH of an acid the stronger it is and the higher the pH of an alkali, the stronger. it is. For example, you have two alkaline solutions, one with a pH of 8 and other with a pH of 9. The solution with a pH of 9 will be stronger than that of pH 8. Similarly if you have two acids. One with a pH of 2 and other with pH of 3. The acid with pH 2 will be stronger than the other one.

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